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“I empower ambitious Women of Color leaders to elevate their careers – all while prioritizing their well-being and staying true to themselves.”


Meet Shelomi

Shelomi is a visionary executive leadership expert and organizational psychologist dedicated to empowering Women of Color to thrive in their careers and lives. With over a decade of experience and a Ph.D. in organizational psychology, she has established herself as a trusted thought leader in women's leadership and career growth.

Shelomi's approach is holistic and personalized, taking into account each client's individual experiences, aspirations, and challenges. She leverages her expertise in leadership, negotiation, self-advocacy, mindfulness, growth mindset, overcoming career barriers, and healing trauma to provide tailored guidance that empowers her clients to cultivate fulfilling careers, authentic leadership skills, and unwavering self-confidence.

As a published researcher, experienced public speaker, and coach, Shelomi stays at the forefront of the latest trends, best practices, and research in organizational psychology. Her transformative work extends beyond leadership coaching, as she is also a sought-after motivational speaker and has been featured at prestigious events such as the Black Young Professionals Summit in NYC.

Through her transformative, leadership program for WOC, and executive coaching, Shelomi is on a mission to ignite positive change and accelerate the success of Women of Color on a global scale.

Dr. Shelomi Gomes

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